:: Seabass Fishing Fast Edition ::

Now..Bass fishing edition tracking fasting ...last week i join tracking conspiracy.. For this time can't join any tracking program.. No tengas in Ramadan (can be evil lol if still join tengas conspiracy..haha)...hehe .. while waiting for the breaking fast...

Parking ...
Just for companion my friend @ mr J keep track a sea bass pond..moreover already more than a month I was not fishing.. Interestingly, this place have fishing ponds (shrimp, freshwater and saltwater ponds.)

shrimp ponds & freshwater ponds.

When I arrived at the entrance continue to see fish advertisements that are released into the pond .. like a lust competition for Muslim (fish pond or a mosque for Terawikh prayers).. hehe.. its because fish are released already quite a lot..  raise the spirit all Anglers lol..

fish advertisements
saltwater ponds

after looking mr J brought up their catch.. I started to feel challenged...continued take the rod from my car.. and....... join him.. hahahaha... ( I was seduced by mr j...)

waiting for strike... muahaha

After a long time meditated my rod is jerked by senangin fish...my today license..pensive bored medicationlol.. hehehe..
after 30 minutes, my rod is jerked again...this time seabass...sustenance for today seabass trip.. at least not an egret ..hehe :P

with Seabass & Senangin

mr j also successfully landed 2 seabass....It can get out of this pond with a smile .. :p

Senangin & Seabass...


time to back..  iftar time is close :)))))))

**passionate at seeing another angler landed a lot of fish..**
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