:: Fishing Tengas at Lentang, Pahang - Second Trip ::

September 7, 2013 -Second Tengas conspiracy ,with Bro Mus , Fahmi and new recruit suhail. Depart from kuala lumpur about 6 am. As before, we stop at Janda Baik for breakfast and buy some food for lunch. About 7.30am we arrived at the destination.(Near Menyesal foothills.. hahahaha)

From Left: Me,Suhail,Fahmi,Bro Mus

Before tracking we swipe remedy oil provided by Bro Mus to our leg for avoid leech bites. (wetlands, there are many mountain leeches) 
About 1 hour tracking we arrived at sluice-gate area.  We take a rest and prepare fishing equipment at bamboo stall made ​​by anglers who have come before this.

Prepare equipment
Suhail (come from bangalore, India)

After all set, we find a good place to start fishing. About 15 minute i was able to catch a tengas fish. This time we split, because space for fishing too small and only fit for one or two person. At the same place i already catch about 10 Tengas fish.

My 1st Port

Pic:  scenery around the fishing port. Cold water and fresh air can make anglers fallen in love with the natural environment.

After 2 hour, we move to another location.(Pointing to the back way). Here Fahmi slipped on a rock, fortunately a sprain only. Its because he jumped on the rocks and make mistakenly landed. After that we move again to another location and this time fahmi walking with pain leg and not fishing anymore. We had to walk slowly. When arrive at new location, we take a break and enjoy lunch purchased in a seven-7. Only bro Mus still Fishing.

Tasty Cuisine if in the forest ... hahaha

About 4pm we are slowly moving back. One more time fahmi should  endure the pain (had to use wand and legs wrapped using Bro Mus shirt. This time we should up the hill again..
jungle trecking... Leech is not as much like this morning.. hehe

rest a while
Fahmi together with  magic wand. :p

 When arrive at a small waterfall area, Bro mus ask for rest a while. At the same time i and bro mus began to clean up all the fish...
Bro Mus do fish surgical..hahaha
together with  my catches
Tengas Fish

After all done, continue our journey and stopped for a tea at the Hutan Lipur Lentang store. (Before back home). About 6.30pm we slowly move back to k.l....

Note: 1 day is not enough for tengas tracking... will be back for the next trip

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