:: Fresh Water Fishing Conspiracy (Textra) ::

12 August - Eid celebration at Textra fishing pond with my 2 brothers. (freshwater fish pond in Terengganu).
conspiracy began at 5pm. (About half an hour from my hometown)

Reached the destination, expert bait maker continued mixing bait.(experiment otai .. like Rajagobal do to harimau malaya...always experiment.. haha) And we make registration for fishing. Fees charged RM20 for 1 rod per person (1 hour = rm10 .. for 2 hours get free 1 hour).

Zan (elder brother) - expert bait maker placed the bite
Fishing Bite

This time we used bomb fish hook.Once the bait is placed on the hook bomb... I continued make the first throw. Less than 5 minutes throwing discovered by freshwater pond dwellers (Gold Rohu Fish).

My Fishing Rod

Pjoe (younger brother) - purportedly patiently waiting (dust continence .. hahaha)
When I got the third fish, an old man who close to me began to bark. (fish do not touch his fishing rod).. 
neat stuff and straight home .. what behavior???? what the ekkkk??? hahaha

2nd catch
3rd cath

Fishing time's up about 7.30pm. We were packing to go home with a pretty good catch...

Gold Rohu
1 Patin fish

P/S : Right bait, pulling the catch .. don't give up for the bait experiment  .. hahaha
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