:: Rohu fish bait recipes ::

Rohu fish more focused on the use of bran.For the preparation of bait usually I use materials such as below.
The results obtained are quite satisfactory,not back with empty handed(egrets)

AA Bomb Bran

wheat flour
Flavor Bait
Baits after mixed


1. AA Bomb bran (or use Rohu Emas brand)
2. Prawns bran
3. wheat flour
4. pandan flavor

Bite Preparation

1. Mix all ingredients above.
2. Used very little flour (just for easy park a bait a fishhook bomb).
3. If possible, ensiled in 2 hours. (Rather strong smell)

Results from the bait used.. :p

P/S : Other place, another way .. if be at the right place, it's threatening!!!!!

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