:: Bass fishing techniques ::

According to my new experience in the world of pond bass fishing (Barramundi Fish). I have some techniques or tips that can be use.

1-      Main line - for now I use the rope 250 pounds. ( mono strap.)
2-      Leader -use 30-40 pound mono rope, length of leader  about 1 ft
3-      Hook –Size 10 (Anglar)
4-      Bait-The most popular are live shrimp, dead shrimp and sardines


bait used

The most commonly used by anglers is to hook the bait shrimp in the tail. This will cause shrimp can swim on the surface or even the bottom of the pool. Normally, a still buoyant shrimp often swim at the surface and mid-water.

The second way is by hooking the hook on shrimp heads. To avoid the slow dead shrimp, hook must be hooked on the horns of shrimp. Be careful not to sink the hook and hit the brain. By using this way, the shrimp will usually swim in the pond bottom.

If using shrimp teat, the anglers just have to let the bait throwing and hitting up the policy. Then pull uniformly to attract bait. For this technique, the way Hook bait is important that the teat shrimp bait moving straight in the water .

If using bait fish, do not need to use as a weight sinker. Sliced ​​just enough fish for ballast


If the bass fish were touched bait, usually it will bite at the bait before swallowing.

When flipped feel ropes, bail-arm should be opened so that strings can be produced. Let the fish take the bait moves while until it stops. Close the bail-arm and lower the boom, rolling his slack line. After a tightrope, snap the rod that attaches strong hook in the fish's mouth.

Make sure the fishing line is always tight If fish are trying to jump in the water, lower the rod and make sure the belt is always tight. This is to ensure that the bait can not be let out of the fish's mouth.

P/S:try to review the way other anglers. This is just the tip of your new pond fishing arena. never give up...

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