:: Tengas Trip at Genting river ::

Saturday , 24 August 2013 - Second Tengas trip with Bro Mus and Fahmi at genting river. Take about one hour from Kuala Lumpur. We departure from batu cave about 5.00 pm through Ulu Yam. 

Before getting to the destination, we stopped in nearby town with destination to buy some food as dinner. 

Genting River

Genting River

About 6:30pm we reached the Genting  river. Wowww... attractive place with forest environment, beauty and cool water flow. Can soothe visitor soul....

providing fishing equipment
We didn't wait for long time, After finish provide equipment,This time we use nugget and cicadas (cengkerik in BM) as a bait.... We continue to initiate activities.

1st port
During the first port, day still bright, Still can see the environmental. when Tengas fish begin to touch the bait ......There is a Chinese uncle (seem quite old) jumped into the water with shampoo foam without regard other people. For me its totally rude.

getting dark
dusk on the waterfall

We continue moved to another location. This time bro Mus already got a license.(1st catch).. haha... Fahmi and me still
egret.. huhu...

At 3rd location I'm got my license.(two finger-sized tengas fish).. only fahmi still egret.. hahaha.. Bro mus is most tengas fish landed..even his title... king of Tengas. Its normal for newbe like me.. just sometime can landed tengas..

Bro Mus- do operations on Tengas fish to bring back ... hahaha

About 11.30 we relax on the rock, enjoy an evening which very naturally fresh... while watching Bro Mus cleaning the fish... like always... 

P/S : Difficult to enjoy fishing at night in natural fresh environment ... and eagerly waiting for the next Tengas trip.. maybe lentang amenity forests(sluicegate)...

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