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October’s Fishing Flashback – “The Red Eye Wiggler”

The Red Eye Wiggler was made by Dr. Frederic Hofschneider, a Rochester, NY-based dentist, inventor, and holder of a number of dental related and lure patents. Hofschneider patented one of the best trout/salmon/pike fishing lures in its era;  the early 1920s. The Red Eye Wiggler has beady red eyes that mimic that of a small Smallmouth Bass or various sunfish. The copper flash and beady eyes make it deadly for Lake Trout in the Great Lakes, especially in Lake Ontario where it was first used.

The Red Eye Wiggler is arguably one of the most important fishing lures every made. It spawned a great number of different fishing spoons that are still used today (read the article on the newest Northern Pike lure and compare the differences here)

It was designed by the Hofschneider Corp. Rochester, NY and it measures 1 1/2″ x 3″. This month’s moment of silence goes to the Red Eye Wiggler designer and inventor, Dr. Frederic Horschneider for his contribution to the science of angling. He will not be forgotten easily.
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