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About Quickbait
Quickbait lures are hand crafted lures designed by anglers and their knowledge of fish behavior and biology. These baits are unique and innovative; handmade by skilled professionals. They use high quality water and light resistant decals with additional layers of varnish.

“Quickbaits are made from specially composed polyurethanes, in order to obtain high quality and repeatability. Each lure is made with the highest quality Swedish stainless steel frame, that runs through the lure’s body, to allow the maximum durability. Lips in the crankbaits are made from a very strong polycarbon, that is firmly installed during the casting process. That prevents the lips of the crankbaits from failing off, as it sometimes happens with glue-installed lips.” (www.quickbait.com)

It doesn’t take long to notice the superior artistry of Quickbait lures. One of the most overlooked features of typical lures these days, and arguably the most important feature is the eyes. Lure “eyes” can make or break a strike from a large predator fish such as the Northern Pike. Quickbait lures have nicely finished, realistic, brightly colored red eyes, similar to that of a rock bass. Their realistic distressed look is almost too real and will drive predator fish wild.

The realism doesn’t stop with the eyes, but continues with the rest of the body; natural, and biologically accurate.  The bodies feature lifelike body contours, as well as detailed scale and head designs. Scales on these lures are very discernible as opposed to a large gray stripe on other popular lures, adding to their beauty and realism. The colors are natural to popular bait fish. They are strong enough to encourage a strike but not too intense, which may scare fish away in clear waters.

Another feature that impressed me is the high quality manufacturing. These lures are not for little fish, they’re designed for Monsters ( huge Northern Pike for example). The first lure I looked closely at was the Quickbait Slash JS. It’s a jointed lure similar to the Rapala Jointed Minnow, but looks more realistic and is built tough. The steel that joins the two halves of the lure is not held together by a small ring, but by many durable stainless steel rings. That eliminates breakage caused by hitting rocks or docks, so you’ll get more bang for your buck! The lures are large, thick, and tuff! The Slash JS is 3.9 inches and weighs 18grams, and dives around 2 meters. Believe me, I tried beating up a little bit and they still look brand new.

Another one of my favorites is the Tinto S. This lure is a wopping 3.1 inches, and weighs 29 grams. I knew as soon as I saw it, it was going to be a perfect Northern Pike lure!. I haven’t seen a lure that is so realistically shaped like prey fish, ever! The colors are similar to Perch, again with amazing detail down to each individual scale. This will not catch little fish, it will catch Monsters!
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