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The saber-toothed blenny, Aspidontus taeniatus, is a species of blenny that the "dance" of Labroides dimidiatus simulates a kind of the same color cleaner wrasse. The fish tricks in offering their abdomen are cleaned. Instead of eating parasites from the scales of the fish, the saber-toothed blenny bite the victim and rush away. Fish in the past affected thereby attacking other blennies innocent attempt to provide them.

The Sabre Toothed Blenny, can be found hanging out around the coral reefs in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. You can look at the picture and think to yourself that this fish looks unusually familiar. Well, it must be because we have a Wild Fact on the fish that looks like the cleaner wrasse. Think of the cleaner wrasse? This is the small fish that larger fish helps by picking the parasites from their bodies. This cute little fish would perform a dance, so the bigger fish would know it was time for a cleaning.

Well, the Sabre-Toothed Blenny complicates the process for the larger fish. You see, they look almost identical to the cleaner wrasse and even they know how to perform the special dance. The only problem is, the Sabre-Toothed Blenny derives its name from the large teeth in their mouth (relative to their size). Now, what on earth do you think the Blenny does with these teeth? That's right, they use them for a nice big bite out of the unsuspecting fish in for a cleaning. The bite does not kill the fish, but I bet it does not feel very good.
As a result, the Sabre-Toothed Blenny the cleaner wrasse often give a bad name. For some reason it is done secretly after a bite from the bigger fish, this host does not want anything to do with the cleaner wrasse. So not only are these Blenny is hurting the bigger fish, but they give the poor innocent Wrasse a bad reputation. This is almost like identity fraud.

It is native to coral reef habitats in the Indo-Pacific. Tooth Comb blennies other types of saber-toothed blennies or bite. Some have similar size, eating habits, but different in color Aspidontus taeniatus.

Scientific classification

Kingdom: Animalia 
Tribe: Chordata Actinopterygii 
Order: Perciformes 
Family: Blenniidae 
Genus: Aspidontus 
Species: A. taeniatus 
Binomial name Aspidontus taeniatus
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