:: overnight in Semenyih dam ::

 Sept ,2013 - Began a new trip, about 2pm i'm move to waiting area with Jun as promised. (at petrol pump, near zoo negara). while waiting for bro Mus, we buy some food as supplies for tonight. About 15 minute bro Mus has appear and start our journey to  semenyih dam through look out point, ampang.
landslides area

Semenyih Dam - With Bro Mus


About 3.30 pm we arrive at the dam area.. but we had to walk about 2km due to landslides...arrived at the waterfall area, we had to go through bushes and going down the hill.

Rest Time-Bro Mus, Jun n Me
Reached the water's edge, we prepared a resting place for tonight and also prepare fishing equipment.
After 15 minutes of rest, fishing rods thrown one by one. while waiting for the fish touches the bait we make a bonfire.

Semenyih Dam - Fishing location

About 30 minutes, a fishing rods was pulled, but...unfortunately, stuck on a stick in the water..
Circumstances surrounding the beginning dark, Bro Mus start prepare mini gas stove (as used in family outing..hehe) for boil the water. (for make Nescafe lol....hahaha )

Bro mus with mini gas stove
Ready to make nescafe
start a fire
A time progresses without realizing, suddenly sound of the bell sounded, I casually near the fishing rods, zasssssssssss ..... i straight flip the fishing rods,This time the fish was successful raised to the ground.. hahaha.. it's Sebarau fish.

With Sebarau

Warggg... with hot Nescafe


One by one fish raised, this time we managed to raise Selat Fish(like a  belida), Baung(Catfish) and also ketutu (i call Ubi fish). About 1 a.m bro mus already sleep. jun and me still be awake. eventually we were fallen asleep.

catfish (Baung)

About 7.30 a.m we packing to go home. One more time  had to climb the hill in the morning... arggghhh... exhausting... on the way back we stopped having breakfast in hulu langat area..After that we back to home.... Time to rest.... hahaha... 

to bring back home

:: I was unconscious when reach at home..too tired but still happy...
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