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November, Saturday, as previously I directly find the right fishing spot with my member J.. cheap and worth..  But this time we go to happy pond at sungai genting area (Genting river area).. hahaha...difference this pond trip was the night (night package)....new experience..

At here ....Because fewer visitors...I'm free to move.. (during sleep who can be there.. hahaha) yesssss... In this pool only have 2 species .. Bass @ baramundi and Kaci Fish (dont know true name for kaci) haha

we use life shrimp & peel prawn(for casting) for bass and cut fish for kaci as a bait.... As my acquaintance greetings starting with casting.. about 1 hour I successfully ground a bass... but relatively minor size. about 1 kg...

Outcome from Casting 6.50 am 
hurm... fight strength also a bit slow.. so I are not concerned about rope's strength.. hahaha.. like a  fry fish lol..

after tired casting I start change bait into cut fish.. want to try kaci.. huhu.. just bottom style fishing..
only rest for the time being rod was pulled by kaci... eventually .... zasssss... my rod was pulled.. but....
unfortunately...immediately enter below cage.. huh.. 3 time.. my fishing line is broken.. unlucky day... herm..
for me ..its ok..because this my 1st time try to catch kaci fish...

After that i continued with casting again... and .. i have landed 1 mor bass... jealous to see there is angler successfully ground 11 bass.. hahaha..

Now.. time's up.. 7.00 am.. time to back... haha.. walk in feel sleepy.. hahah.. woww... forced to face 30 km to sleep.. hahah
2 Bass ready to be cooked 

Note : fishing in sleepy mod.... but funny...can see all sorts of manner angler
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