:: Lentang Third Trip ::

October, 2013 -3rd Tengas conspiracy ,with Bro Mus ,and M.Jang . Depart from kuala lumpur about 6 am.
As before, we stop at Janda Baik for breakfast and buy some food for lunch. About 8 am we arrived at the parking.

Parking Area
morning mist

After 30 minute tracking we arrived at new fishing detination (near high waterfall). We take a rest and prepare fishing equipment above large stone.

Ready for tracking & road to foothill
beginning to climb

After all set, we find a good place to start fishing. This time we split, finding suitable area to fishing...Still use same bait like before.. (Nugget).

Prepare Equipment
Ready... hahahha

But tody i'm really lucky.. because my first throwing get catfish that is fairly large.. hahaha... 3 time strike ... catfish.. yeahhhh... hahaha..

from far seen M.Jang & Bro Mus attractive their rod. quite luxurious the catch... not bad.. hahah..
during lunch time already entered..while fished me ate what bought this morning.... hahaha

Catfish & Tengas

shortened story...... about 3.00 pm we are slowly moving back and we stop at small waterfall area for rest a while. At the same time we clean up all the fish...

After all done, continue our journey and stopped for a tea at the Hutan Lipur Lentang store. (Before back home). About 5.00pm we slowly move back to k.l....


Note:sleep soundly because exhausted . in dream still angle.
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